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The Tasty Flower-Fed Pork You’ll be Proud to Serve

Scan’s flower-fed Omega3 pork
concept is simply genius in it’s way to give you and your family plenty of the good Omega3 fats they need and also deliver an amazingly tender and tasty pork dinner that everyone will enjoy.

The Unique Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

Flodins ’ amazingly tender Omega3 pork may be the healthiest meat on the market, but for good all-around health, going outside can have phenomenal effects on our health. Here are just a few benefits of spending time outdoors.

What is Rapeseed Oil and it’s Benefits?

Rapeseed Oil is a great choice for cooking, and delivers a very characteristic and pleasant aroma which goes not only pairs perfectly with Flodins’ premium Nordic meat , but it’s also incredibly beneficial, as it turns out.

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