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Pork Collar

Pork collar is the cut from the front part of the pig, between the head and the loin. It is a versatile cut, sold whole or in slices, either with or without bone. Collar has a high fat content, which means that it can be exposed to higher temperatures without drying out. It is ideal for roasting and should reach an internal temperature of between 75 and 80°C to ensure that the fat has fully melted and gives a good mouth-feel. Popular Nordic recipes for roast pork collar often add prunes and apple slices to the roasting pan and the meat is then served with baked potatoes and a cream sauce.

Flodins cookings tips

  1. Fry thick pork collar slices in a ​​pan.
  2. Thinly slice for wok dishes.
  3. Cut into pieces to make a rich stew.
  4. The abundant marbling also makes pork collar ideal for grilling or BBQ.
  5. Also suitable for slow cooking and is the best cut for US style Pulled Pork.

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