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Pork Ham

The ham (or back leg) is the largest muscle group in the pig and  can be served in many ways. It consists of 4 different cuts: rump, knuckle, topside, silverside and can be cured or smoked to make traditional hams, sliced thinly for schnitzels or thickly for steaks, shredded for the wok, cubed for stews or stuffed with cheese or mushrooms. Scandinavian families traditionally buy a whole ham for the Christmas period and this custom has spread all over the world.

Flodins cookings tips

As pork ham consists of several muscles it should be rolled and tied before roasting so that it that does not fall apart during cooking.   This way it is easier to achieve an evenly cooked result and if you are lucky enough to find a joint with the rind still on, a crisp crackling skin that retains more juiciness and flavour.

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