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Is Pork Healthy? Experts say Pork Definitely Has It’s Place in a Healthy Diet!

Pork is Asia’s favorite meat, and Taste of Scan’s flower-fed pork is the premier Nordic pork both professional and home chefs love to cook! You can use pork for so many things, it has it’s place at every meal- bacon and eggs, sandwiches and of course an amazing tender and tasty main course! Pork can even be eaten for dessert, like chocolate-covered bacon and bacon cupcakes. But is pork healthy? It all depends on what you buy! Processed pork is not recommended, but 100% natural, flower fed, omega-3 Taste of Scan pork? Definitely!

Keep reading to learn more about pork and your health.

As stated earlier, researchers have found that eating processed meat has been linked to several health problems and lowers longevity. Sliced ham from the deli, sausage, or bacon are three examples of processed pork. However less processed pork definitely has it’s place in a healthy diet- in particular pork tenderloin, pork loin roast, and pork loin chops are recommended as the healthiest cuts of pork to partake in. Pork provides protein and, above all, flavor. It’s important to remember to include ample amounts of vegetables at your meals to improve your overall health and reduce cholesterol levels.

Taste of Scan’s flower-fed omega-3 pork is amongst the best meats on the market, and it’s definitely tremendously beneficial. Right off the bat, it relies on the principles of Nordic farming methods and is 100% natural. Nordic farming methods are specifically designed animal farming methodologies which guarantee the highest and purest quality of the pork meat. The animals are raised humanely on Nordics farms that always operate to the highest standards of animal welfare. The farms rely on traditional farming techniques in order to provide your pork with the purest, most tender taste imaginable.

And remember Scan’s flower-fed pork can be cooked any way you like- since it’s loaded with high-quality healthy omega-3 fats, the meat is quick to prepare and is always juicy and tender.

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