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Have a Yummy and Healthy Mid-Autumn Festival with Taste of Scan

It’s nearly time for Mid-Autumn Festival and that means Mooncakes! You definitely should enjoy your mooncake, but perhaps in a more mindful way. Taste of Scan believes in the philosophy that healthy eating does not have to be boring, bland or repetitive. With Scan’s flower-fed pork, you can enjoy tender, succulent meat while also benefiting from a boost in essential omega-3 fatty acids. And there are so many ways to enjoy pork! You can marinate it, roast it, or have it grilled, skewered, dry-rubbed, boiled, baked, barbecued, pan-fried or stir-fried.

Here are some tips on how to enjoy your mooncake this season, but in a healthier, more mindful fashion:

Share with your friends and family
● Divide the mooncake into smaller pieces and share with your family and friends, creating happy moments as well as curbing an excessive intake of fat and sugar.

Drink tea
● Enjoy some tea with your mooncake, such as flower tea, green tea or oolong tea. These teas aid digestion and helps prevent body fat. Avoid carbonated beverages, loaded with calories and sugar, they increase the fattening effect of mooncakes.

Avoid having mooncake as your breakfast; or as a meal in general
● Balanced nutrition is key to good health. This means you shouldn’t save your mooncakes and eat them as breakfast. Your meals should be balanced- good carbs, good fat and good protein. Mooncakes are high in sugar and if eaten in the morning will increase your blood sugar level. This results in a sugar crash later on, leaving you feeling more tired and craving more sugary food. Instead, enjoy one as a treatpreferably sharing with your family and friends.

In summary. mooncakes are delicious festival desserts, to always enjoy in moderation. Remember that you can make the most of your day eating healthy foods, enjoying every single bite and adding some truly amazing taste through the use of Scan’s flower-fed pork .

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