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Grilled Pork Ribeye Steak : Taste Of Scan

Scan’s flower fed pork can be cooked any way you like- the high-quality fat is quick to prepare and stays juicy and tender longer, so cooking time is less critical.

The Juiciest, Most Tender Char Siu Ever!

Any list of must-try foods in Hong Kong has to include Traditional Chinese BBQ or Char siu. Char siu is a culinary tradition dating back to the Upper Paleolithic era! Maybe you’d love to grill Scan’s flower-fed Omega3 pork chops on the beach?

The Tasty Flower-Fed Pork You’ll be Proud to Serve

Scan’s flower-fed Omega3 pork
concept is simply genius in it’s way to give you and your family plenty of the good Omega3 fats they need and also deliver an amazingly tender and tasty pork dinner that everyone will enjoy.

Farm Fresh Nordic Pork Tastes Best

Nordic farming methods have come to the public’s attention, as they have resulted in Scan’s amazingly delicious, juicy and tender pork- that cooks up to perfection every time.

#PorkArt Campaign Recap: Huge Success!

We were totally wowed by the many amazing #PorkArt entries submitted! Flodins, the premium brand of HKScan- leading Nordic meat experts, sparked the imaginations of both professional and home chefs across Hong Kong.

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