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The Unique Health Benefits of Spending Time Outdoors

Flodins ’ amazingly tender Omega3 pork may be the healthiest meat on the market, but for good all-around health, going outside can have phenomenal effects on our health. Here are just a few benefits of spending time outdoors.

Pure Nordic Pork from Flodins: Nordic Seasons

In our modern world, we have almost forgotten that life used to completely revolve farming, fishing and hunting. In other words, the gathering of food! Flodins farmers know this all too well, having raised generation after generation growing and producing premium quality pork since 1913.


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From 15th May to 26th May 2017

What is Rapeseed Oil and it’s Benefits?

Rapeseed Oil is a great choice for cooking, and delivers a very characteristic and pleasant aroma which goes not only pairs perfectly with Flodins’ premium Nordic meat , but it’s also incredibly beneficial, as it turns out.

Unique Omega3 Pork Belly can be Served Pink!

Flodins has a pork product that you can eat raw without worrying about ill effects. In particular, their Omega3 pork has a very nice intramuscular fat, so it has a great mouthfeel.

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