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The Natural Benefits of Omega3 Fatty Acids

Nordic farming methods and years of research into healthier eating have resulted in delicious, juicy and tender pork, which is simple to cook to perfection.

Maintaining your Paleo Diet with Omega3 Pork

One of the best components of your Paleo diet is Flodins Omega3 pork. What most people do not know is that following the Paleo diet may lead to improvements in terms of body composition and metabolic effects.

Delicious Ways to Prepare Flodins Omega3 Pork Loin and Collar

Flodins’ incredible Omega3 pork has been featured in over 40 restaurants across Hong Kong since their Jan 2016 debut- and now much to the delight of home chefs everywhere, Omega3 pork can now be purchased at at select ParknShop Supermarkets!

Tips for a Happy, Healthy Chinese New Year

The consistent high quality of Flodins pork means that the best results are always attainable, for each and every meal. Read on and find out the few tips for a Happy, Healthy Chinese New Year!

A Pork Loin Primer

Flodins Premium Omega3 Pork is a wonderful option, as they produce extremely high quality meat, and all their animals are raised on farms operating on world-class animal welfare standards .

Foods That Make You Smarter

A diet rich in Omega3 and low in saturated fat has been shown to have many health advantages, including brain health.

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