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Omega3 Pork Coming to Hong Kong

Flodins award-winning Omega3 pork is finally going to be available at certain retail outlets in Hong Kong this December.

5 Ways to Reduce Sugar Intake

Flodins , creators of delicious, heart-healthy Omega-3 pork , shares 5 ways you can reduce the amounts of sugar that you consume.

8 Common Mistakes When Cooking Pork Chops

There are too many times when pork chops simply don’t get the praise they deserve. When cooked right, this lean cut is delicious as a tender, flavorful main course.

4 Benefits of Omega3

Omega3 is a part of a class of essential fatty acids needed for a healthy diet and can be found as a supplement or enjoyed in foods.

Top Health Benefits of Rapeseed Oil

Not only does using the right kind of cooking oil brings out the best flavour from your meat, but also it is good for your health. With its great benefits, rapeseed oil is a great component of a healthy diet.

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