Flodins Nordic Farms | Flodins Food: Pure Taste from Nordic Farms


  • Control over whole supply chain
  • One of the lowest antibiotics usage
    in Europe
  • Health care plan for each farm
  • Free from all serious animal diseases
  • Free from growth promoters
  • Complies with Finland’s Salmonella-free status


In the Nordic countries we work with farmers that share our values and many of them have reared animals for us for generations. All our farmers match our commitment to quality, ethical practices, dependability and respect for what is right; from animal welfare to care for the environment and participating in the communities in which we live and do business.

We care about what we do and love the Nordic countryside where we farm. Our goal is to share our love of Nordic purity by introducing you to the very best food that Scandinavia can offer.

The Nordic countries have a food culture closely linked with nature – our cuisine is all about keeping food pure, seasonal, local and fresh.


Flodins stands for premium quality and we ensure you get the best by controlling the whole production chain.

We work transparently, starting with the traceability of feed and animals. All our animals are raised humanely and our farms operate to the highest standards of animal welfare. We do not use growth promoters or antibiotics and comply with Finland’s zero tolerance on salmonella. We follow all European Standards for farming and in many cases have set ourselves even stricter rules for animal procurement in order to produce the best quality meat.

Our products come with a promise of Nordic purity, consistent high quality, ethical responsibility and great taste. That same promise applies to every link in our value chain and every team member in our process – from farm to fork.



Flodins is the premium brand of HKScan, the leading Nordic meat expert, with strong traditions and heritage since 1913.

In our home markets we produce, market and sell high-quality, responsibly produced pork, beef, poultry and lamb products, processed meats and convenience foods to the retail, food service, industrial and export sectors. The home markets comprise Finland, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic states, with exports to 50 countries.

HKScan is committed to economically, socially and environmentally sustainable development, as well as to enhancing animal welfare in its strategy and operations.

We have a respect for quality, purity, reliability and a sense of what’s right.


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